• Yvonne Buchheim – Song Archive Project: Borrowed Air

    Exhibition 3 November to 21 December, 2007

    Yvonne Buchheim’s art practice examines contemporary song culture in a visual art context. Initially, her focus on song began during a residency program in 2003 at the ACC Gallery in Weimar, Germany in response to Johann G. Herder’s song collection from 1773. His theory proposed that the cultural identity of a people is reflected through their song tradition. In response, Buchheim began a project in which she invited people from different ages and social backgrounds to perform a song of their choice in front of a video camera.

    Yvonne Buchheim

    Yvonne Buchheim

    A site-specific piece has been created from filming undertaken during the summer of 2007 inviting Kilkenny Castle staff to participate in the Song Archive Project. This video portrait reflects a multifaceted picture – one of an Irish institution embracing both its past and its present along with welcoming a celebration of local, national, and international culture. While historical and contemporary distinctions of a place shift, in Ireland as in many places and cultures, singing still remains an integral and illuminating vibrancy in our lives. Yvonne Buchheim’s work celebrates such a spirit and questions the boundaries between art and life, and between artist and audience.

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