• The Gallery

    The Butler Gallery is one of Irelands most vibrant contemporary art spaces outside of Dublin and is an organisation that has made significant contributions to the contemporary visual arts since it’s establishment in 1943. Our policy and programme are committed to exhibiting the work of Irish and emerging artists along with highlighting major international artists, when possible. We are privileged to have an important collection of Irish and international art dating from the 1800s, which we are committed to safeguarding for the future. Our vibrant education and community outreach programme has significantly contributed to audience development and raising awareness of the gallery in all sectors of the community at local and national levels.

    Located in medieval Kilkenny Castle, we attract a broad and diverse audience of local, national and international visitors. We offer our visitors contemporary exhibitions, which reflect the constantly changing nature of visual art practice and the range of media used in the making of contemporary work. The Butler Gallery exists on site and off site, as a place of interaction between artists and the public – a contemporary space within a non-contemporary setting, occupying a unique position on the Irish art circuit.

    The Butler Gallery plays an important role in the cultural life of Kilkenny and the South East. We have a population rich with artists and craft makers that live and work in Kilkenny creating a thriving cultural base. The presence of such a creative community keeps the Arts alive, current and valuable to the public at large. The Gallery is free of charge and open to the public seven days a week, year round and offers extensive exposure to the visual arts in the form of exhibitions, events, courses, talks and workshops.