• Paul Mosse – MAKE. BREAK. MAKE.

    Exhibition 21 January to 4 March 2012

    The Butler Gallery was delighted to present MAKE. BREAK. MAKE. an exhibition of new work by the Kilkenny-based artist, Paul Mosse.

    Paul Mosse is an exceptionally unique artist and one of the most interesting at work today here in Ireland. Highly inventive and idiosyncratic, Mosse uses the natural world around him for inspiration. Drawing is at the heart of his work and is the foundation from which all else follows. Paul Mosse has said of his work:

    Paul Mosse Untitled (Pink)

    Paul Mosse, UNTITLED (Pink), 2011 | Mixed Media | © Paul Mosse, courtesy Butler Gallery | Photo by Colm Gray

    There are no specific references in the work, though it may unintentionally appear to refer to the observed world. It springs from interests in space, scale and the tactile world of the senses. Many pieces are produced at the same time, where they sometimes join or divide and may be worked on and off for years. The processes (additive and subtractive) usually direct how the final image looks and involve only low-tech craft and materials. The systems and processes push the work into areas beyond conscious decision-making. The end result is textured and sculptural, and can be three-dimensional sculpture-proper, but usually it is resolved as “2 ½ D painting”.

    Mosse uses a variety of mixed-media to realise his works. Materials can include a range of non-traditional materials (plastic pellets, polystyrene, sawdust, nails and screws) as well as paper, paint and wood. The accumulation and manipulation of these materials result in dynamic and beautiful surfaces on his paintings and sculptures. His practice involves his own very particular set of interior guidelines to construct, deconstruct and restructure. Works that seem complete and resolved may over time be revised beyond recognition or entirely cut up and laid in a box to be reconstituted in another work. This process or ‘code of practice’ is a fascinating one to examine.

    There is no denying the enormous physicality of many of his works. Often, individual pieces are immense, heavy and unyielding but always full of personality. Untitled (Pink), 2011 (reproduced on the invite) is notable for both its complexity and delicacy of hand. Mosse’s love of drawing is captured beautifully in this remarkable flesh-coloured explosion of form and colour. Prised from Mosse’s studio, MAKE. BREAK. MAKE. is a compelling body of work that demonstrates the great skill and authority of the artist.

    Paul Mosse was born in Co. Kilkenny where he lives and works today. He studied from 1966 -1970 at The Chelsea School of Art, London. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and his work is represented in many private and public collections. Mosse was elected to Aosdana in 2007.

    With grateful thanks to The Arts Council for essential annual funding and to the OPW, FÁS, The Heritage Council and Kilkenny Local Authorities for additional assistance.