• Paul Doran

    Exhibition 12 January – 2 March, 2008

    Paul Doran

    Image: Paul Doran, Untitled, Oil on linen over board, 18 x 20 inches, 2007. © The artist, courtesy Green on Red Gallery, Dublin.

    Paul Doran is one of Ireland’s finest painters. He makes complex paintings of great beauty and intensity that are celebrations of paint itself. His paint is exceedingly rich and luscious – in its texture and in its implications of high virtuosity.

    “For me, practical and conceptual concerns are inseparable. We live in a world that is more easily defined by technology, but I am interested in ideas about the handmade, how human existence can be communicated through the handmade in a more meaningful way. There is a real difference between process paintings and paintings that emphasise the presence of the human hand. For me, the latter is a more conceptual approach. I think that ideas about the handmade have an important role to play in a contemporary context.” Paul Doran

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