• Nevan Lehart – Static TV

    Exhibition 28 April to 10 June, 2007

    Nevan Lahart

    Nevan Lahart

    Butler Gallery was proud to host STATIC TV by Kilkenny native Nevan Lahart.

    Nevan Lahart is an artist comfortable working in a variety of mediums – painting, sculpture, installation, video animations and performance. This exhibition included over ninety-five of the TV paintings – cutout TV shapes that create a framework for containment. These ‘static’ TV images while undeniably still, have a narrative life to them that fuels our imagination. The paintings have a raw, roughly hewn quality to them and often include distinctive cartoon-like typography. The exhibition also featured newly painted video projections, which have allowed Lahart to realize large-scale versions of the TV’s. Lahart stumbled across the motif of the television and found it perfectly suited his needs.


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