• Meet the Artist: Lunchtime talk with Brian Cregan

    Wednesday 19th February, 2020

    Over the last 18 months, architectural photographer Brian Cregan has been documenting the changing Evans’ Home as the building was renovated to become the new location for Butler Gallery. For the first time, Brian will discuss the commission, sharing never before seen images detailing the building, the people and the skills used on site, new architectural features and the experience of being an artist on a working construction site.


    Brian Cregan is a photographer who explores the potential of photography to represent our relationship with landscape, natural history and the built environment. Working with the idea of objectivity, he creates documents and artworks that reassess the everyday and pose questions about photography’s rich and troubled history, and its function as a tool to record and classify since the nineteenth century. Often working collaboratively with other artists, architects and designers, the remaking and reuse of institutional spaces in Ireland is of particular interest to his practice. Recently projects at Evan’s Home in Kilkenny city, Grangegorman in Dublin and Callan Workhouse in Kilkenny have involved representing significant moments during the transition of these historic sites.