• Louise Bourgeois – Selected Prints on Fabric

    Exhibition 30 September to 12 November, 2006

    Louise Bourgeois

    Louise Bourgeois

    World-renowned artist Louise Bourgeois is in her 95th year and is still constantly at work. Born in 1911, Bourgeois grew up outside Paris and in the south of France, the middle child of parents whose business was the restoration and resale of 17th and 18th century tapestries and other decorative textiles. As a child, Bourgeois helped repair these tapestries, drawing in the missing parts, primarily feet, to be rewoven. Bourgeois moved to New York in 1938 with her husband, art historian and curator Robert Goldwater, and became an American citizen in 1955.

    This exhibition will focus on these extraordinary prints on fabric including Ode â l’Oubli, 2004 (Ode to Forgetfulness), a magnificent 36-page fabric-on-fabric book individually framed, Lullaby, 2006 a suite of 25 silkscreen on fabric prints and a selection of important prints on fabric from 2000-2004.

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