• Kilkenny Shift – Tim Davies

    Exhibition 2 May – 14 June, 2009

    Tim Davies

    Kilkenny Shift, DVD still, 2009 © Tim Davies

    The Butler Gallery was delighted to host an exhibition of the multi-media works of Welsh artist Tim Davies.

    Tim Davies’ practice deals with the relationship between power, politics and architecture, and often results in temporary and ephemeral works which are site-specific. At the centre of his process is the issue of identity and the means we use to identify ourselves as having value…(1) Place, as it is with many artists in Wales, is of great concern to Davies.  His places are invariably inhabited by people distinguished by their absense. They have shifted.  The allegorical objects that develop are confirmation that they once existed.

    In this instance, for one of his exhibits, the ‘place’ is Kilkenny Castle. Davies spent time exploring the castle, and delved into issues around its social, historial, geographical and cutural location. A DVD work entitled ‘Kilkenny Shift’ – also chosen as the title for the exhibition – resulted from this research, and has been made especially for the Butler Gallery.

    1 & 2 From a text ‘Another Kind of ‘Public’ Art: Thoughts On The Work of Tim Davies by Declan McGonagle, 2009.

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