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    From our foundation in 1943 as the Kilkenny Art Gallery Society, the Butler Gallery has been at the forefront of visual art in Ireland. With the support our Friends we aim to inspire in everything we do through our Exhibition and Learning Programmes. Your support as a Friend of the Butler Gallery will help us build on the achievements of the last 76 years and look to the next exciting chapter of our development at Evans’ Home.

    As a Friend of the Butler Gallery you will enjoy great international and Irish art on your doorstep. With invitations to every exhibition, invites to exclusive member events and exclusive member hours you will be part of a group of visionary group of like-minded art lovers.

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    When you become a Friend of the Butler Gallery as an individual or corporate supporter you will enjoy exclusive benefits and join a visionary group of art lovers who help us to implement our ambitious and innovative programmes and care for our collection to the highest standard.

    At the Butler Gallery we aim to stimulate, inspire and challenge our audiences in everything we do. In addition to our extensive and important permanent collection of 20th Century Irish Art (which will be exhibited when we move to Evans’ Home), we present five contemporary art exhibitions annually highlighting the work of emerging and established international and Irish artists and our pioneering Learning and Public Engagement programme brings inspires thousands of adults and school children every year.

    By becoming a Friend of the Butler Gallery you will help to:

    • Foster and cultivate visual art in Ireland.
    • Improve individual well-being by supporting a stimulating and reflective space.
    • Bring communities and cultures together through shared projects.
    • Strengthen the local economy by supporting an historic free cultural attraction.
    • Provide stimulation for innovation and creative thinking.
    • Provide positive social impacts and interaction.