• Home Studio

    Butler Gallery is closed while we relocate to Evans’ Home, where, pending current health restrictions, we’ll be open this summer!

    While we’re waiting to reopen, and many of us are at home looking for creative projects to keep the kids occupied, we’re going to release some creative activity inspiration every week! The activities in our Home Studio series can be done by children of all ages, 5 to 105! Tag us on Social Media #HomeStudioBG

    Colouring Pages, based on works from our Collection, are also available here.


    Home Studio #1

    To kick off the Home Studio series, we’re throwing it back to The Breadwinner Exhibition, the Cartoon Saloon collaborative exhibition we held in summer 2018. You can watch The Breadwinner on Netflix as a family, and then make some movie inspired art. #HomeStudioBG

    See the link to paper artwork tutorials by The Breadwinner animation artist Janis Aussel here:


    Home Studio #2

    Week 2 of the Home Studio series is a step-by-step to make…MASKS! Join artist Renata Pekowska in repurposing everyday household materials into a mask that can be used to create at-home theatre, tell stories or play pretend! #HomeStudioBG

    Watch the video here:


    Home Studio #3

    Week 3 of Home Studio series with Fala Buggy will give you lots of ideas for making paper sculptures at home. Try out these techniques, experiment and share your artworks with us! #HomeStudioBG

    Watch the video here: