• Gems from the Collection

    Exhibition 20 January to 4 March, 2007

    Gems from the Collection 2007

    Gems from the Collection 2007

    The Butler Gallery has an extraordinary resource in its fine permanent collection. Established in 1943, the collection has continued to flourish through gift and purchase. It is a rich archive to which the inquisitive eye may turn and return. Including loans from the Sir Basil Goulding Collection, the Graphic Print Studio and private collections, the Butler Gallery Collection is an eclectic catalogue that can be read and appreciated on many levels.

    This exhibition included a new loan to the collection of a previously un-exhibited watercolour by Mildred Anne Butler, entitled Kilmurry, c.1911. Two new works that entered the collection in 2006 were also featured – Victoria, a tiny rubber figurative sculpture by Jeanne Silverthorne and Mind’s Eye, a video work that focuses on the traditional medium of drawing, by New York based Irish artist Simon Reilly.

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