• Gems from the Collection 2008

    Exhibition 8 March – 27 April, 2008

    May Guinness

    Image: May Guinness (1863-1955), Landscape 1, Watercolour on paper, 49 x 65 inches.

    The Butler Gallery has an extraordinary resource in its fine permanent collection. Established in 1943, the collection has continued to flourish through gift, loan and purchase. It is a rich archive to which the inquisitive eye may turn and return. Including loans from the Sir Basil Goulding Collection, the Graphic Print Studio and private collections, the Butler Gallery Collection is an eclectic catalogue that can be read and appreciated on many levels.

    The annual exhibition Gems from the Collection continues to explore this valuable resource and features works that have not been viewed in recent times along with revisiting beloved favourites. The selection reflects the broad character of the collection itself and embraces a variety of genres from landscape to seascapes, from portraiture to figuration, from still life to abstraction through painting, drawing and printmaking.

    The 2008 Gems from the Collection exhibition includes newly restored works on paper by May Guinness (1863-1955) and George Russell (1867-1935), work which was carried out through grateful funds received from The Heritage Council. In keeping with our commitment of collecting works by artists featured in our artistic programme, we are delighted to include two new additions to the collection of paintings by Nevan Lahart and Paul Doran, both artists who have exhibited recently in the Butler Gallery.

    This diverse collection exemplifies the best of Irish art and we are most fortunate to have its home base here in Kilkenny.

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