• Garden Development at St. Luke’s Hospital

    Coordinated by the Butler Gallery and the Department of Psychiatry at St. Luke’s Hospital, the garden development at St. Luke’s Hospital consists of sculpture by artist Saturio Alonso commissioned by the Gallery and the Hospital, surrounded by a seating area and a series of pathways. It is now being used by hospital users on a regular basis.

    St. Luke’s Hospital initiated a fundraising drive to develop this natural garden space for all hospital users, located in the Department of Psychiatry. Thanks to the support of the HSE, Butler Gallery, the Ireland Funds and local businesses in Carlow and Kilkenny the garden is now completed.

    Saturio Alonso Healing Garden at St Lukes

    Saturio Alonso Healing Garden at St Lukes

    The development of a user-friendly garden space is vital to the continuing care and rehabilitation of hospital users. Prior to this initiative the Psychiatric Unit had a large outdoor space that could not be used due to lack of privacy, shelter and seating.

    The nursing and medical staff at St. Lukes are very much in support of this development. The working group established to raise funds hope that local businesses from Kilkenny and Carlow will continue to contribute funding to ensure the gardens completion.

    If you are interested in contributing to this project or further arts in health initiatives at the Department of Psychiatry contact Ger Delaney, Mental Health Association, Department of Psychiatry, St. Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny for a sponsorship form or call 056 7785000 and ask for Ger in the Department of Psychiatry. Alternatively, please forward your donation by cheque made payable to Kilkenny Mental Health Association to the above mentioned. Kilkenny Mental Health Association is a registered Charity and all donations are eligible for tax relief.