• From Us, Through Them, To You

    Exhibition 25 June to 24 July, 2011

    Red Square Curates the Butler Gallery

    Red Square 2011

    Red Square 2011

    Red Square is a group of 16-18 year olds1 from Kilkenny city and county, brought together by the Butler Gallery. Members of the original Red Square Kibosh group2 successfully applied for a European ‘Youth in Action’ grant for a project that would engage a young public with the Butler Gallery Collection. The group embarked on a series of phases of training from February – April 2011, developing ideas and skills for the realization of a Butler Gallery Collection exhibition. A milestone of the project was an overnight trip to the opening of ‘A Sense of Perspective’ at Tate Liverpool, curated by young people. A well-formed group with a whole new perspective on curating, Red Square worked collaboratively as an exhibition team from April to June 2011, debating ideas and choosing work for the exhibition.

    A member of Red Square is present at all times to discuss the exhibition with visitors. Join us on facebook.com/redsquarebutlergallery for more information about the exhibition and related events.

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