• Exhibitions 2000 to 1974

    Past Exhibitions from 1974 to 2000

    Tony Cragg (England)
    Paddy Graham

    Andrej Jackowski (England)

    ASTI Show
    Janet Mullarney
    RHA – First Look
    Art For All Day K.S.P.
    Permanent Collection
    Arts Week – Petah Coyne
    Victor Treacy Award Show
    Christmas Show – Victor Perez Diaz

    Feargal Fitzpatrick
    Tom Fitzgerald
    Anne Madden
    Brian Maguire
    Arts Week – The 25 Year Anniversary Show
    Victor Treacy Award Show
    Christmas Show – Elizabeth Cope

    ASTI Show
    Permanent Collection
    Bill Woodrow
    Janet Pierce
    Tony O’ Malley
    Mickey Donnelly
    Permanent Collection
    Arts Week – Eilis O Connell
    AIB Collection
    Victor Treacy Award Show
    Christmas Small Works Show
    Susan Butler

    Ronnie Hughes
    Visiting Artists
    Diana Hobson
    Morgan Doyle
    David Mabb
    Arts Week – John Gibbons
    Margaret Morrison
    Victor Treacy Award Show
    Christmas Group Show
    Rosaleen Davey
    Permanent Collection

    Spanish Prints
    Permanent Collection
    Michael Mulcahy
    Contemporary Arts Society
    May Prints
    Ciaran Lennon
    Arts Week – Patrick Heron
    Limestone Symposium Works
    Richard Gorman
    Kilkenny Artists Christmas Show

    Finbarr Kelly
    Bernadette Kiely
    Permanent Collection
    Graham Gingles
    Sean Scully
    Arts Week – Richard Wilson
    Victor Treacy Award Show
    Small Works by Kilkenny Artists

    Bernadette Kiely
    Arts Week – Sol Le Witt
    George Vaughan
    The Victor Treacy Award Show
    James Turrell
    Joe Butler
    C.I.A.S. Members Show

    Donald Teskey
    Antoni Tapies
    Takshi Yasuda
    Tony O’ Malley
    Arts Week – Alan Davis
    The Victor Treacy Award Show
    L.A. Artists
    Charlotte Wilcox
    David Lambert

    Barbara Freeman
    The Victor Treacy Award Show
    Vice Versa
    Permanent Collection
    Paul Mosse
    Arts Week – Gillian Ayres
    Kathleen Holohan
    Clodagh Thornton

    Blackchurch Miniprint Show
    Amelia Stein – Photography
    EV + A
    Martin Folan – Past, Present, Future
    David Holohan
    Arts Week – Marie Foley
    Three in the Landscape
    The Victor Treacy Award Show
    Micheal Farrell

    Black Church Print Show
    4 Artists from Ireland
    Tony O Malley
    Harrow Connection – Ceramics
    Michael Cummins
    Gwen O’Dowd
    Alicia Boyle
    Simon Moller
    Arts Week – Ian Hamilton Finlay
    Tom Fitzgerald
    Nigel Rolfe

    Richard Hamilton
    Based in Berlin
    Arts Week – Fred Williams
    Personal Choice
    Jo Hanly
    Nine Kilkenny Artists

    Ion Bitzan
    Simon Moller and Jill Denis
    Rose Barton
    Arts Week – John Bellany
    Kevin O Farrell Photography

    Six in the Sticks
    Brian Bourke
    Bursary Show
    New Irish Architecture
    Personal Choice
    Arts Week – Bill Woodrow

    Art on Video
    David Hendriks – Living with Art
    Personal Choice
    George Dawson’s Collection
    Arts Week – Albert Irvin
    10 Dutch Artists
    Bursary Show

    Lanyon and Lanyon
    David Crone
    Personal Choice
    Arts Week – Richard Long
    Painterly Realism – Holland
    Felim Egan
    Marie Foley, Peter Wenger

    Making Sense (Project Arts Centre)
    Independent Artists
    Arts Week – Laser Vision – Hologaphy by Wenyon and Gamble
    Silversmithing and Jewellery,
    Loughborough College
    Sidney Nolan
    Four Kilkenny Artists
    Conor Fallon

    Martin Gale
    Limerick EV+A
    Arts Week – David Nash.
    5 Limerick Artists
    Conor Fallon
    Dialogue – Canadian Prints

    Miles Apart – Tony O’ Malley
    Northern Printmakers
    Die Neurschalchlichkiet (Goethe Institute)
    Arts Week – Barrie Cooke – Boxes.
    Handmade in Ireland. Crafts.
    Drawing Towards
    Barrie Cooke

    Work in Progress.
    Arts Week – Patrick Scott and Charles Harper.
    Robert Ballagh

    M.C. Escher
    Mildrid Anne Butler
    Arts Week – Georges Braques Graphics
    Contemporary Yugoslav Art

    Arts Week – David Hockney, The Rakes Progress.
    Fur, Feathers, Fibre – Skills of a Tribal Society. Images of Stone

    Arts Week – American Posters
    Seven Canadian Painters. Tony O’Malley

    Arts Week – Bank of Ireland Collection of Irish Painters
    Listowel Graphics Exhibition. Robert Andrew Parker

    Arts Week – Cecil King

    Arts Week – Camille Souter