• European Collaboration

    Museums, Art & Alzheimer’s

    Making Art Accessible to People with Alzheimer’s and their Carers and Families.

    MA&A is a European project aiming to facilitate access to museums and the arts for people with dementia, their families and professional carers. The project increases cross-sector collaboration between cultural, social care and healthcare sectors at a local and European level. We ultimately aim to contribute to building a dementia-friendly society.

    Butler Gallery is working together with five partner organisations from Italy, Germany and Lithuania to achieve two project outputs:

    1. A training course aimed at museum educators and geriatric activity coordinators who want to create or implement museum programs for people living with dementia and their carers, with special focus on developing communication tools. ********************************************** ************ 
    2. A skills course aimed at family and professional carers. The goal is to develop an “educational” relationship through art; exploring effective communication and nonverbal understanding, within the care relationship.


    Arts & Dementia: A European Perspective

    As part of its participation in the Museums, Art & Alzheimer’s project, Butler Gallery hosted a European Conference on 4 July 2017 to examine the role that artists, museums and galleries play in a dementia-friendly society.

    Documentation of the event can be found here including video footage of presentations and discussions that took place on the day.

    To find out more about the Museums, Art &Alzheimer’s project and to access free training resources developed during the project please visit http://maaproject.eu/.

    The Project Partners in addition to Butler Gallery:

    Lead Partner: Marino Marini Museum – Florence, Italy
    The Marino Marini Museum is dedicated to the work of Italian artist Marino Marini and also programmes contemporary temporary exhibitions in its crypt space. The Marino Marini Museum has become a leader in dementia programming in the Tuscan region and has offered its “Art In Your Hands” programme for people with dementia and carers since 2012.

    Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany
    This German museum is dedicated to the sculpture of Wilhelm Lehmbruck with a significant collection of modern and contemporary sculpture. One of the first museums to develop activities for people with dementia in Europe, the Museum’s education department develops programs for all visitors paying particular attention to their respective needs. The Museum recently engaged in a research project “Development of a model for social participation of people with dementia in the museum space” (ISER / MSH Hamburg) and gives trainings for art educators in other museums who are interested in setting up such programs.

    Socialiniai Meno Projektai, Lithuania
    Socialiniai Meno Projektai is a non-profit organisation, which develops partnerships between the sectors of social care, health care and culture. Activities include: work in policy level, cross-sectorial training programmes, participatory activities, public events and research addressing mental health issues and advocating the positive impact of participatory art to health and wellbeing.

    VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras (ŽISPB), Lithuania
    ŽISPB is a non-governmental non-profit organisation. Its objectives are to observe, analyse and assess social phenomena and processes in the field of social and educational policy and to create, adapt and implement innovative social and educational initiatives and projects related to formal and non-formal education.

    Euridea, Italy
    Euridea Srl is a private vocational training and adult education agency accredited by the Region of Tuscany. It provides training courses and educational activities aimed at employed, unemployed and/or disadvantaged people, specialising in the fields of culture, social services and tourism.