• Declan Rooney – Happenings & Nonevents

    Exhibition 12 June – 25 July, 2010

    The Butler Gallery was pleased to present a suite of performances by Irish artist Declan Rooney. Rooney grew up in Tullow, Co. Carlow but now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

    Declan Rooney works in various mediums including installation, video and live performance. He is interested in social gatherings, communities and groups that are brought together and defined by commonalities and interests. In both his video and performance works, his stylized and expanded variations of ‘living pictures’ overlap and echo each other in complimentary and contrasting ways.

    The exhibition at the Butler Gallery will evolve from work undertaken by Declan Rooney with Kilkenny-based groups in the gallery over the period of the exhibition run.


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