• David Beattie – Remote Control

    Exhibition 20 June to 26 July, 2009

    David Beattie makes sculpture and installations that endeavour to capture the human desire to comprehend natural phenomena. Through his open-ended experimentation and references to significant scientific discoveries in history, Beattie highlights how the language of science has evolved by way of our attempts to understand human existence. The experiential nature of the work, learning by doing, is an important aspect of his art practice. While he researches and investigates the physicality of space, substance and time through the use of elementary physics and lo-fi aesthetics, Beattie manages to retain a sense of excitement and discovery for both himself and the viewer.

    David Beattie - Fog after cloudseeding, Nevada

    David Beattie - Fog after cloudseeding, Nevada © Desert Research Institute, Nevada

    For more information on the work of David Beattie, please visit his website at: www.david-beattie.net

    David Beattie was in conversation with Karl Burke, June 25 2009.

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