• Blaise Drummond – Sous le Soleil du Nord

    Exhibition 24 June to 30 July, 2006

    Blaise Drummond

    Blaise Drummond

    Sous le Soleil du Nord was an exhibition of selected works from 1998-2006 by Blaise Drummond from his recent solo exhibition at Musée de L’Abbaye Sainte-Croix, France.

    Drummonds refined paintings celebrate his great love of the natural world and its relationship to modern culture. His work attempts to excavate hope of an abiding natural world, amidst the debris of civilizations relentless progress. Drummond injects the empty canvas with elements of landscape and modernist architecture where they act as a physical manifestation of where we stand in relation to everything else. He employs distinctive elements in his paintings such as the use of carefully created dripping, both copied and real, collage and flat colour. These paintings transport the viewer to contemplative isolated places of beauty. Distinguished little birds are often in residence while the human form is only occasionally sighted.

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