• Bernadette Cotter – and the greatest of these

    Exhibition 29 January to 27 February, 2005

    Bernadette Cotter

    Bernadette Cotter

    Life and death, religion and ritual, pain and sorrow are the threads that weave through Bernadette Cotter’s exhibition. At first glance the exhibition is aesthetically beautiful – the meticulous attention to detail, the unusual choice of materials and meditative quality achieved through repetition fill the senses. Those familiar with her work will be aware that outward appearances are often skin deep. Engaging involves stripping back the layers, a process that affects both artist and viewer.

    Bernadette Cotter’s exhibition is a journey from childhood to maturity, a narrative of love and loss, life and death. The exhibition comes full circle with an over-riding message “…faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is …”

    The artist gave a public talk on this exhibition on 10 February 2005.

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