• Barry McGee

    Exhibition 11 August to 21 October, 2007

    Barry McGee

    Barry McGee

    Barry McGee is an internationally renowned artist celebrated for his work in the street as a graffiti artist, and for his painted installations in galleries and museums around the world. This was his first exhibition in Ireland.

    McGee draws on a range of influences including the Mexican muralists, tramp art, the graffiti artists of the 70’s and 80’s and the San Francisco Beat poets to create a unique visual language. He approaches the gallery space like a living breathing entity and inhabits it’s nooks and crannies. McGee created a new installation for the Butler Gallery and what evolved was a raw multi-media synthesis of pure energy. Large-scale wall murals are made up of old and new multi-coloured geometric panels that include clusters of framed drawings and snapshots, glass bottles, light boxes, ‘wall pimples’ and much, much more.

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