• Aideen Barry – The Morphology of the Other

    Exhibition 16 January to 28 February, 2010

    Aideen Barry

    Aideen Barry. Minefield. Aluminium, brass & steel. Dimensions Variable. 2009. © Aideen Barry

    The Butler Gallery was delighted to present a multi-media exhibition by Aideen Barry. The Morphology of the Other addresses a sense of fear of impending futuristic doom. The exhibition evokes the threat of what we humans might eventually morph into – creatures devoid of compassion and empathy. Barry’s inherent rebellion is targeted against the society in which we live, challenging our progress and lack of, and encouraging responsibility towards a ‘new world’ attitude. Barry’s philosophical interests lie with “the uncanny”. She frequently plays with the notion of the subverted female character in her film and performative works, referring to hysterical female creatures in Irish Gothic literature. This interest in the Gothic is a constant in Barry’s work, combining nightmare with humour, having the effect of equally enticing and repelling the viewer.


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